Private School

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

Professional Makeup Course



For this course you have a few options available for your convenience

5 lesions, 4 hours per lesion a total of 20 hours

10 lesions, 2 hours per lesion a total of 20 hours

You also have the options for private lesions or in a group of 10 students.

I teach all the lesions by myself.

In the course you will learn everything that you will need to start working in the makeup industry such as:

How to apply foundation for different skin tones and skin types.

Contouring techniques.

Different kinds of smoky eyes.

How to apply eyeliner for different eye shapes.

Lipstick application techniques.

Eyelashes application.

Special occasion and event makeup.

Bridal makeup.

Fashion makeup.

Television makeup.

Creative makeup.

In the course we will cover every subject that you will need to know so after you graduate you can immediately start working as a makeup artist in the industry.

In my lesions you will get a personal treatment ad all my professional knowledge and techniques that I gathered and learned in my 10 years’ experience working in the makeup industry.

After you graduate you will get an international makeup artist diploma.

As part of the personal and private touch of my course I’m always in touch with my students and always available for my students in any matter that they need.

After your graduation I’m available to give you guide and advice in any matter.

As part of my services I also have a makeup artist agency, students that will be fitting the requires of the agency will get the opportunity to work for me as a freelancer makeup artist.

As my student you also have the option to purchases professional makeup products from the best companies and the best quality in the industry, and professional makeup brushes in a special discount.

The course doesn’t include a makeup kit but you have the option to purchases a makeup kit that includes professional makeup products and brushes.

Or you can purchases the products and brushes as individuals according to your necessity.

Advanced study for makeup artists


Targeted specially for makeup artists that want to practice and refresh there technique and want to get updated on the latest trends in the makeup industry.

4 hours lesson you have the option to divide it to an hourly lesion depends on your knowledge and necessity.

You will get a diploma at the end of the lesson.

Eyelash Extension Training


Two private lessons.

Yu will learn how to apply eyelashes extinctions and practice as well

The course includes a basic kit.

You have the option to learn in groups a well.

At the end of the course you will get a diploma.

Personal private makeup lesson


You will learn all the professional techniques to get the best results.

Makeup for day and night, how to apply foundation for your skin type and skin tone, eyeliner techniques and more.

An hour and a half lesson you have the option to add more lessons as needed.

Group makeup workshop


This lesion is for a group of 6-10 students.

Two and a half hour of an interactive workshop that you will learn how to apply makeup on yourself.

Makeup for day and night, how to apply foundation, smoky eyes, eyeliner techniques, lipstick application techniques, glowy skin techniques, contouring techniques.

A unique experience to celebrate with your best friends in a girls night, bachelorette party or birthday party.